We are a medium-sized laboratory consisting of five working groups focused on the auxin transport and homeostasis, metabolism and physiological functions of cytokinins, interaction of plant hormones with the environment, modeling of phytohormone-mediated cellular processes, and advanced analytics of phytohormones.

On both plant tissue culture and whole plant levels we follow mechanism of action of auxins and cytokinins and their multitude interactions. The spectrum of methods and approaches we use ranges from molecular biology (gene cloning and tagging, gene editing, transcription profiling, RNAseq), reverse and forward genetics, phenotyping on both cellular and whole plant levels, analytics of phytohormones and their metabolism, to advanced methods of fluorescence confocal microscopy. We always cordially welcome motivated students to work on their master and PhD theses, as well as young postdoc researchers from abroad.

We organize the international symposium on Auxins and Cytokinins in Plant Development. The last one took place in 2018 and the next one is planned for 2023. Thanks every single one of you for coming!