Research opportunities for diploma and Ph.D. students

We offer supervision and support for projects undertaken by under-graduate and post-graduate students from Czech Universities and by students supported by foreign universities. Topics include:

  • Metabolic regulation of cytokinin and auxin content of plants and cultured plant cells. Metabolic pathways and enzymes involved in down-regulation of cytokinin levels in plants (V.Motyka).
  • Effects of biotic and abiotic stresses on cytokinin metabolism in plants (V. Motyka).
  • Hormonal control of leaf senescence and seed development and its exploitation for the improvement of crop productivity (M. Kaminek).
  • The effect of expression of the gene for zeatin-O-glucosyltransferase on the tolerance to water stress (R. Vankova).
  • Regulation of cytokinin metabolism in tobacco plants, cell suspensions and chloroplasts (R. Vankova).
  • Mechanisms of translocation of auxins and cytokinins across the plasma membrane (E. Zazimalova).