Confocal microscopy imageWe share the laboratories consisting of the up-to-date facilities for cytology, biochemistry and molecular biology, and specialised equipment for microscopy and image analysis, HPLC, radiochemistry and plant tissue culture, including greenhouses, chambers and walk-in rooms for the cultivation of plant material under controlled conditions.

Confocal microscope

Zeiss LSM 5 DUO setupUsing confocal microscope (Zeiss LSM 5 DUO), we are able to perform 3D studies of fluorescently labeled structures in living or fixed cells. For example, we can follow in vivo dynamics of protein involved in auxin transport machinery and simultaneously visualize different cellular processes in a high resolution.

Mass spectrometer connected to two-dimensional liquid chromatograph (2D-LC/MS)

Mass spectrometer connected to two-dimensional liquid chromatographModular two-dimensional liquid chromatograph (Ultimate 300, Dionex) and hybrid triple quadrupole/ linear ion trap (3200 Q TRAP, Applied Biosystems) allows us to identify, quantify and to study the metabolism of biologically active compounds of plant origin, notably phytohormones. More info…

InsituPro VSi

Automated pipetting stationAutomated pipetting station for in situ hybridizations and immunohistochemical methods. This machine can be used for stainings of both whole mounts and sections on slides. Size of incubation baskets is suitable for Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings and many other materials. Simultaneous incubation of 60 samples (objects or slides) is possible with optional cooling or heating of incubation buffers and incubation area. It is possible to recover washing solutions (e.g. antibodies) and use them repeatedly.