(Česká verze MB130P16)

Syllabus of the lecture course Practical basics of scientific work (B130P16E)


The course gives information on the basics of scientific practice in modern experimental biology. It is devoted to students in the second and third year that intend to study experimental biology specializations. The basics of research practice, planning of experiments, methods of their evaluation, principles of laboratory work, guidelines for writing protocols and ethical rules will be described in detail. Participants will be informed about useful techniques of mining in scientific databases and handling with these data as well as about scientific contribution preparation (poster and presentation, scientific paper). Practical demonstrations of techniques useful for bachelor and diploma work writing will be strongly emphasized.
Requirements for getting credits:
Exercises on the searching, processing and presentation of bibliographic and scientometric data, preparation of the scientific manuscript.

Guaranteed by: 130

State: taught

Winter term: 0/2 C (hours/week)

Credits: 2

Valid from: from 2006

Capacity: 12-15

Teacher: Petrášek, Jan




Winter term 2019/20:

Thursday 16:30, seminar room BLU, Viničná 5, ground floor.
For chapters 3 and 4, please bring your notebooks or tablets, we will work individually.


Lectures of winter term 2019/20:

1. Basics of research work. Lectures 10.10., 17.10. and 24.11.
1.1. The character of scientific work in the field of experimental biology
1.2. Observation and experiment - two general approaches
1.3. Scientific institutions and organizations, scientific conferences
1.4. Ethical rules of scientific work
1.5. Financing of the scientific research
1.6. Writing scientific projects and grant proposals, basic rules

2. Processing of experimental data 31.10.

2.1. Organization of work, type of data
2.2. Data explorers, correct data handling and saving
2.3. Spreadsheets, statistical software, graph editors
2.4. Processing of structural and sequence data
2.5. Image analysis, graphical software, presentation software


3. Scientific literature, online resources at the internet 7.11. and 21.11. I and II

3.1. Types of scientific reports and their purpose
3.2. Internet sources of information

3.3. How to search for bibliographic
records and full text articles
3.3.1. Bibliographic databases accessible at our faculty

   3.3.2. Full text databases accessible at our faculty
3. Creating your own database of references

3.4. Scientometry - a tool for the evaluation of quality and scientific relevance of  scientific work


4. Online information databases in the experimental biology

4.1. Sequence databases - tool of system biology
4.2. Specialized sequence databases


5. Presentation of experimental results, lectures 18.12. and 19.12.

5.1. Bachelor thesis
2. Diploma thesis
5.3. Dissertation thesis
4. Scientific contributions at the conferences and seminars
5. Scientific report/paper


Tasks for obtaining credits 2019/20:

Tasks 1-4, example report of task 1

Task 5, background information for task 5


Send to petrasek@ueb.cas.cz.


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