Lectures of winter term 2008:

1. Basics of research work - presentation in ppt 16.10., 23.10. will be available soon.
1.1. The character of scientific work in the field of experimental biology
1.2. Observation and experiment - two general approaches
1.3. Scientific institutions and organizations, scientific conferences
1.4. Ethical rules of scientific work
1.5. Financing of the scientific research
1.6. Writing scientific projects and grant proposals, basic rules

2. Helpful hints in the processing of experimental data - presentation in ppt 30.10.

2.1. Organization of work, type of data
2.2. Data explorers, correct data handling and saving
2.3. Spreadsheets, statistical software, graph editors
2.4. Processing of structural and sequence data
2.5. Image analysis, graphical software, presentation software


3. Scientific literature, online resources at the internet - presentation in ppt 6.11., practical demonstration 13.11.

3.1. Types of scientific reports and their purpose
3.2. Internet sources of information

3.3. How to search for bibliographic
records and full text articles
3.3.1. Bibliographic databases accessible at our faculty

   3.3.2. Full text databases accessible at our faculty
3. Creating your own database of references

3.4. Scientometry - a tool for the evaluation of quality and scientific relevance of  scientific work


4. Online information databases in the experimental biology - practical demonstration 20.11., sequences AA

4.1. Sequence databases - tool of systems biology
4.2. Specialized sequence databases


5. Presentation of experimental results - presentation in ppt 26.11., presentation in ppt 11.12., presentation in ppt 26.11.

5.1. Bachelor thesis
2. Diploma thesis
5.3. Dissertation thesis
4. Scientific contributions at the conferences and seminars
5. Scientific report/paper


Tests for obtaining credits:

Test 1-3, example report of test 1