Lectures of winter term 2007:

Basics of research work

Scientific teams and their structure, scientific institutions and organisations and how their operate.

Specialisation x universality of modern experimental researcher – advantages and obstacles

Observation and experiment, what we should know before visiting laboratory, basic rules of experimental praxis, protocols and every-day laboratory notes, critical usage of models and model organisms in these days biology

From the literature to the observation and experiment, their critical discussion and writing of our own scientific report.

Software and procedures in the processing of experimental data

Programs used in the processing of experimental data (images, numerical data)

Spreadsheets, statistical software, graph editors, graphical software, presentation programs


Scientific literature and other sources of data

Internet sources of literature, sources at our faculty, bibliographic databases, creating your own database of references

Types of scientific reports and their purpose - books, monographs, original articles, review articles

Bibliographic searches

Symposia and scientific meetings - technology and information transfer

Sequence databases - bioinformatics

Scientometry and for what it is good - HOMEWORK

Basic rules in diploma work preparation

Scientific councils, form of seminar and diploma work

Proposal of your diploma work according to your theme -HOMEWORK

Presentation of our experimental results I

Oral presentation and ho it should be presented

Poster presentation, presentation software, printing

Presentation of our experimental results II

Scientific report and its structure

Co-autorship, communication with editors, review proccess

Writing your own scientific report - HOMEWORK

Correct scientific praxis in social context
Lecturer: Prof. RNDr. Lubomír Nátr, CSc.

Ethical rules of scientific work

Individual and social justification of scientific work

Writing projects and grants, basic rules

Grant agencies

How to write a proposal

Scientific teams at our department

Going through your homeworks, credits